Scabies From Dog To Human

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is scabies contagious from a dog to a human?
    I just got a puppy, she is about 8 weeks old. I think she has scabies, one of the dogs in the liter had it. She has an appointment tomorrow at the animal clinic, and I was just wondering if I can get scabies from her.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is extreamly contagous. although when people get Sarcoptes (scabies) from animals, the disease is generally self-limiting, causing only temporary itching. There is a human race of scabies, which is transmitted from person to person. This human race of mange mite causes a rash on the wrists, elbows, or between the fingers.

      the best way to prevent getting scabies is:

      after handling your dog wipe your hands off with benzoyl peroxide this will kill the mite. keep you pet away from other pets also they can cmontact this mite also.

    Can Scabies be passed from a human to a dog?
    My friend has been diagnosed with the scabies and now she wants me to take care of her dog until she gets fully treated, but since she plays with her dog a lot, wouldn't he have the scabies too? Because i don't want to get them!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, the sarcoptic mange mite will infest humans as well as dogs. When humans get it we call it scabies. Have the vet check her dog out for signs of the mite and missing hair. He can be dipped, if necessary. If he's clear, then no need to worry about taking care of him.

    Can birds get scabies from dogs?
    I went to the doctor and found that I got scabies from my aunts dog. Is sarcoptic mange transferable to birds from humans? I have been touching him a lot lately and fear that he will get sick :(

    • ANSWER:
      I think so,

    If I came in contact with a dog with scabies... can I give scabies to MY dog?
    So my havanese (inside dog) had puppies and we have had them inside since they were born (now 6 weeks old). My husky (stays outside) was diagnosed with scabies... but since I was around her I might have gotten them too. The vet says because I am not the natural host, it will only last 2 to 3 weeks. It will itch and all, but the insect will die. My questions is pretty much, is it possible for me to transfer the scabies to the puppies and their mommy?

    I'm hardly home, so I don't pick them up too much (the puppies) but I already feel itchy and I'm afraid that I can transfer them to the puppies. I'm afraid that I will have to find new homes for them before it's too late (even though they are only 6 weeks old). But it would be much worse if they stick around and then have to go through the whole treatment also (which by the way isn't exactly only a penny out of your pocket)

    Also, how bad are the dog scabies on a human? I heard that they are very different from human scabies (which are terrible).

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      From what I know, the dog scabies is basically , mange, and can be cured real easy with used motor oil. It is not the same as humans, but you can get them from your dog, but they can't breed on you and vice versa, yours can't breed on a dog. But I don't know if you can give them to the puppies, supposedly, you are only host to maybe 15 bugs at a time, when they come on you, they may bite but they can't breed, so they die. Check out this website, it might help.

    Human scabies spread to dogs?
    I believe that my family and I may have scabies.
    The question is however, we have a dog.
    I know that the mites that live off of humand and pets are different, and that if mites go from pets to humans they will go away in a few days but is the reverse the same.

    Do mites from humans die off on dogs quickly, or must they be treated to go away?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe that the dog should be fine, unless you all are suffering from an infestation that the dog brought in.
      I am fairly certain that the species barrier works both ways. Should your dog get any of your scabies from bedding, sofa, what have you, I would assume it would be a limited problem and then go away on its own just like the canine mite is self limiting in humans.
      This was an excellent question, by the way.
      p.s. you can always treat the dog with revolution (the monthy flea application) on the same day that you all are being treated just to be 100% sure you have eradicated it from your home environment. I would clean his bedding the same way you all are cleaning yours. Good luck, I hope you all don't have this pesky mite!

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