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    Relief for post-scabies itching!!!?
    My fiance and I just did a treatment for scabies on Saturday night, Dec. 11th. We both left it on for the max of 14 hours. It has been a couple of days now and we are still itching pretty badly. I have been reading on different websites and such that it is normal to still be itchy after using the permethrin treatment, and that just because we are itching it doesn't mean that the treatment didn't work. But we are dying for some relief!! I have tried lotions and cortizone 10 cream and it's really not working! Is there ANYTHING that will relieve this itch?

    • ANSWER:

    Scabies? Help please I need some relief from this itching? When does scabies go away after permethrin?
    I was prescribed permethrin and it is still itchy, How long does it take for this to go away? or for the mites to die?
    How likely for my husband to get it as well? He put on the permethrin cream too just in case, Should I not go to work to avoid infecting anyone else? or has the cream completely killed all the mites already?
    I am really worried and freaking out about this because at first I thought it was a heat rash or allergy but then it kept spreading and in the linear tracks like it says on wikipedia..
    Please help THanks

    • ANSWER:
      Your husband definitely has it now, it just hasn't come through yet. You need to was anything you've touched: clothes, bedding, etc. Put furniture (like sofas) in bin bangs for three days to kill the mites. You will need to redo the treatments several times as scabies never seems to die easily because once you've touched something infected it comes back. Basically wash EVERYTHING and redo the treatment every 4 days until it's gone. Be persistent and if WILL go.
      You should still be able to go to work, just don't touch anyone.
      The itching should go when the scabies has gone. Very tedious I know...

    Why am i still itching after scabies!?
    Basically about a month ago i had scabies. The doctor gave me this lotion to put on for a week so i did, I changed all my bed covers n stuff and he said the scabies has gone. But the itching is still unbearable i cant sleep at night its so bad he gave me tablets they didnt work and then i went back and the doctor gave me e45 itch relief cream and that isnt working either. Also ive noticed i have these white little bumps on my skin like blisters there not sore they just itch and also my skin is peeling? has anyone had anything like this before after having scabies!? what can i do to stop the itching?

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 possibilities, the first is that the insect damage is not yet healed, and the second that treatment was unsuccessful, which is not all that common. There is a good deal of resistance to the current scabicides and also they are often not applied properly.

      It is essential to cover the whole body, including the scalp only avoiding the face.also 3 applications are advised, night 1, night 2 and night 7, each time leaving the lotion on for 24 hours. The pack instructions often say stop at the neck and only apply twice.

      If the process has failed it is better to repeat it, as I have directed using one of the older, and to be fair less pleasant preparations, benzyl benzoate, which is still available.

      In the meantime try a sedative antihistamine such as chlorpheniramine, (Piriton,) to help the itch.

    Scabies, we need help with the severe itching.?
    Daughter has scabies, we are treating it with RX cream, but this itching. She has gotten no relief frm this itching even with what was RX for it. Is there anything else we can use to help her with this severe itching??

    • ANSWER:
      There's a steriod cream you can use. Ask your doc for a script.
      Other than that, gold bond lotion, Sarna works wonders. Anything with oatmeal in it. Oatmeal bath if you can take a bath yet. Good luck.

    Worse itching after treatment for scabies?
    My son, my husband, and I all have scabies.

    Last night we all did the treatment... (my medicine started w/ a L)... Anyway, I left it on for 11 hours..and washed it all off... and all day my itching has been worse!!!!

    Before the medication, I got different itchy spots each night... but now my whole body itches...and BAD!!!

    Is this normal? Is this the scabies irritated and dying?? Or do I still have the damn things? I know it could be up to 4 weeks before you stop itching, after treatment... but this itching is WAYYYYYY worse. I had to take a shower and put on Sarna, just to get some relief.. which I never had to do before.

    This is our second time being treated with scabies, with the same medicine.. because last time it didn't work... and last time I didn't itch worse, but my scabies also weren't as bad at the time.. so I couldn't be allergic to it..

    • ANSWER:
      My boyfriend had this same horrible issue and it took him three or four treatments to completely get rid of it. I think the problem is that even if you can get rid of them on your body, they can stay in your living area and sheets, pillowcases, etc. You need to wash your sheets and everything you can in super hot water to try and help, and if you have carpet, try to get that cleaned too, maybe with something anti-allergenic. You have to get rid of deep, deep clean everything that could possibly have had contact with them. Don't be discouraged if your treatment didn't work the first time or two. It might take a few times because of the reason I will just keep reinfecting yourself.

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